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Whirlpool System

The invigorating force of water and warm air

Our whirlpool massage system projects a powerful blend of water and warm air for a wonderfully invigorating sensation. As the most vigorous of all our systems, the Whirlpool system provides a deep muscular massage. It stimulates body, blood flow and the lymphatic system, favors oxygenation of the muscles, and relieves stress due to tension. A true moment of renewal.

The Whirlpool system projects water and warm air through directional jets located strategically along the vertical contour of the bathtub.


In addition

Safety. Secura suction, built-in to the vertical contour of the bathtub, makes the system perfectly safe for the whole family. If obstructed, the system self-regulates or stops automatically.

Performance. A sound-proofed pump with efficiently designed jets ensures a most energizing experience.

Options. Enhance your experience with the inline heater.


  • Built-in to the shell of the bathtub
  • Easy start-up