Mass-air System

An all-encompassing blanket of bubbles.

Our Mass-Air system creates the delightful experience of softly floating on a cushion of soothing bubbles for a gentle, relaxing massage. Customize your experience by adjusting the system’s intensity.

The Mass-Air system propels warm air into the water through injectors located on the bottom and on the backrests of the bathtub. Multiple outlets in each injector create the sensation of an embracing pillow of air.



Perfectly hygienic. Thanks to non-return valves in each injector, no water enters the approved tubing, preventing the formation of bacteria in the system. Twenty minutes after the massage, a drying cycle activates to clean and dry all conduits.

A safe system. Superior-quality tubing and jets that meet the highest standards and a highly controlled manufacturing process that guarantees complete peace of mind.


  • Built into the bathtub shell
  • Backlit
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy start-up
  • Designed to fit the style of the bathtub


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