Whirlpool System

For the athlete in you.

Our Whirlpool massage is the most vigorous of all of our systems. With a forceful propulsion of water and air, it provides a deep tissue massage oxygenating your muscles, while stimulating your bloodstream and circulatory system. Water flow is adjustable, from soothing to energetic, and multi-directional jets located strategically along the bathtub contour make it easy to focus on specific stress points. Combining neck, back, and foot massage results in an instant revitalizing experience.



Safety. Secura suction, built into the vertical bathtub contour, makes the system perfectly safe for the whole family. If obstructed, the system self-regulates or stops automatically.

Options. Enhance your experience with the water heater.


  • Built into the bathtub shell
  • Easy start-up
  • Designed to fit the style of the bathtub


Back jets

A back massage in the comfort of your own home.

Surrender to back jets for that immediate release of tension in your back and shoulders.

Designed with the expertise of massage professionals in mind, the back jets work in combination with the Whirlpool system. Located strategically in the bathtub’s backrests, micro-rotating back jets energetically propel the water onto critical parts of your back and shoulders. You can adjust the water pressure according to your specific needs.



Double your pleasure. Produits Neptune also offers the option of back jets on both ends of the bathtub to massage the feet and back simultaneously or to experience a massage for two.


  • Activated by Whirlpool system control
  • Diverter valve to control jet intensity



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