Combo System

Your customized wants and needs.

Our Combo systems allow you to make the most of your hydro massage experience. Benefit from a complete range of massages that can relax or stimulate you depending on your mood or need. Produits Neptune proposes four combo options. To know which options are available with your chosen bathtub, please refer to the summary table.



Benefit from the vigorous Whirlpool system or enjoy the gentle, comforting effect of an air cushion through the Mass-Air system.


The invigorating force of the Whirlpool system mixed with the stimulating effect of dozens of micro-jets built into the base and bathtub contour. An experience you can regulate according to your needs.


Combine the feeling of well-being from dozens of Activ-Air micro-jets positioned around the contour and the unique air-cushion effect created by Mass-Air.


The complete experience. By combining the three systems, Produits Neptune provides a complete range of massages and experiences. Relaxing, energizing, or simply cozy, you can vary the experience according to your needs. Easy start-up and control…Let us soothe you with water and warm air.


Nirvana at your fingertips. Regardless of the combo you choose, your system is equipped with a single control unit built into the bathtub shell. Backlit, ergonomic and easy to start, its design adapts to the style of your bathtub.